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I'm not in any fucking trouble and neither is Chubby, it's just a xxnx.com little creepy knowing someone burned down that fucking house because of us, that's all. Of course there's always the possibility there was no fire and there was no car crash... rumors have a life of their own, but still, Ricky wasn't at school. After working my shift I'm walking home home wondering what Chubby will have to say tonight. And then, well, well, well... Chubby's sitting on the top mom xnxx step waiting for me. xnxx videos He never gets home before me. What the hell happened now? Chubby has that blank, unsettled expression nxxn xnxx stories on his face again. I trudge up the steps and sit next to him, xxn "What happened now, Chub?" He xnxx hot shakes his head and says, "I got fired. Me and Julio got fired... he's the kid I talked to in study hall today". Naturally we both light cigarettes, that's what you do in almost every stressful situation. This was weird and a bit scary... 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I couldn't help but think of the accident Robby caused Joel last summer, that thing could have been much worse than it was, but even so Robby and I felt weird initially then too, sorta like Chubby's feeling now. After thinking about it, Chubby nods his head in agreement and says half jokenly, "You're the best identical twin any boy ever had". He squeezed my hand and smiled, but still seemed tentative about things. It is a lot to grasp I guess... I don't know, desi xnxx maybe I'm not as compassionate as Chubby because I phim xnxx don't xnxx teen feel any remorse at all. After-all... Richy and his father didn't die, zoo xnxx the father will be out xnxx com of the hospital in a day or two, xxnx.com back to work in a couple of weeks. Their homeowner's insurance will build a new house to replace the old one and their auto insurance will replace the SUV. Of course Ricky's got painful months of rehabilitation and maybe won't ever walk without a limp, but fuck em', they xnxx tube got off sex xnxx easy... or at least got about what they deserve. That was my theme the rest of the night with Chubby, we got no studying done of course... just rehashed over and over how Ricky and his old man got pretty much what they deserved. Julio's uncle scared the living shit free xnxx out of Mr Ortiz so Chubby and me think there's little chance of future Saturday night parties for the other window washer boys and that means we did xxx xnxx them a favor too. Chubby and me together were talking xnxx gay Chubby into a better xnxx tube frame xnxx hindi of mind and xnxx porn I was feeling righteous as hell about things by the porno xnxx time we went to bed. Chubby slept with me, he slept clutching me tightly all night. In the morning we were feeling much friskier, Chubby was more like... "Fuck em'... they fucked with the wrong boys this time, Dylan. When you and me are involved it's best not to mess with either of us too much... they did though, and they can see where that got em'... the assholes." He acted wicked proud to be my best friend, I saw it in his eyes and xnxx download it made me tear-up a little cause I'm wicked telugu xnxx proud to be his free xnxx too. Well, it's Friday which is always nice. xxnn Robby acted japanese xnxx strangely in homeroom, he was worried I was mad at him because of his date Saturday night. Damn, he looks so cute with that jav xnxx haircut though, and nxnn that awesome face... I say, "What's wrong Robby?" He leans close and whispers, "My boyfriend's mad at me because I'm going on a date Saturday night... it's not really a date though, the girl just needs a ride and Pat Burns asked me to give her one." xxnx xnxx hd I go, "No shit? Why didn't you tell this boyfriend-person about that yesterday?" He goes, "Cause he didn't give me a chance... he's a terribly bully." 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He says, "It is just a tad on the short-notice side, I guess" and he laughs. We xxnx agreed to do it soon videos xnxx though. I tried not to smile, Alex is a good kid... he's just as horny in his field of interest as I am xnxx bokep in mine, but we're plowing xnxx download different fields for xnxx bokep sure. You gotta love the het xnxx mom boys though. Work was xnxx hd fine and when I got home there was Chubby in zoo xnxx my kitchen with our pizza xnxx tamil dinner xnxx sex videos all ready. He was really coming on now, smiling and happy xnx and effervescent as all xnxx sex video get out. "Dylan!" and a big hug. He has a key to my condo of course, we have all our dinners at my place because it's one floor lower than his condo and when we're done eating we have a finished basement to chill out in when www.xnxx we want to.. "I'm starting to feel the way you predicted I would, dude. www xnxx I'm feeling super bad, super fine. I'm in such a good mood, no window washing this afternoon, no Ricky and none of his bullshit and xnxx telugu I'm just so grateful to Mr Rollins and to you, Dylan. This is truely an awesome feeling". He was so high, his attitude so positive, if I didn't xnxx japanese know better I'd xxnx.com suspect he was on a drug of some kind. Oh, it made me feel wonderful to xnxx hot see him so happy. vidio xnxx We chatted away while xnxxx eating dinner and then I got cleaned-up to go wwwxnxx out.... Chubby watched TV until I was ready. On the way to the Loop I asked, "What should we do tomorrow night Chubby? It's the first Saturday night in over a year that it's gonna be indian xnxx just you and me." He was driving, he scrunches his shoulders up saying, "Oops! Aren't you and your friend Willie doing something tomorrow night? Don't you guys usually do stuff on Saturdays?" I go, "Not every Saturday night, maybe twice a month, why?" He makes a face and says, "I got a xnnn date with Mary Jo Renoldo tomorrow night and I kinda need the Jeep too. Sorry Dylan! Today in free porn xnxx school I was so excited about having Saturday night free I asked her out... I've wanted to do that xnxx asia for months." I'm thinking... somebody wake xnxx japan me up from this fucking nightmare, or xnxx xnxx twilight zone I'm in. All of a sudden both Robby and Chubby have dates, with girls? What the fuck? Pretending it's no big deal I go,"Oh, I'm happy for you, dude. Mary Jo, huh? xnxx indian She the one with the overbite?" xnxx teen He laughs and says, "Nooo, she doesn't have an overbite! She has nice teeth and a real nice ass. I went to the Prom with xnxx tv her, remember?" "Oh yeah, porno xnxx little bit overweight though, right?" I remember the prom alright, I went japan xnxx stag with a half www xnxx dozen guys cause we didn't want www xnxx com to have some girl telling us we're drinking too much or cursing too much. 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